Custom jewelry manufacturer in China

More than 2000 styles to choose , using various production processes such as casting, inlay, dripping oil, glue dripping, polishing, etc., choose 925 silver, copper, stainless steel and other diverse materials, keep up with domestic and foreign trends, there is always a jewelry meet you need

Customized bracelet case share

  • Kind Customer Reviews

    I have bought necklaces before. This is the first time that I have seen this type of packaging. It was half wrapped in a rectangle piece of bubble wrap. It took me 10-15 minutes to untangle. It doesn't even have a pouch to give as gift. I am very disappointed. Even cheaper necklaces come in beautiful packages which you can directly give as gifts.

  • Susie Customer Reviews

    I love this necklace! It hangs just right and can be adjusted with the bottom heart right at the cleavage. Tres sexy. The two round red and blue ornaments on each side hit right at the collar bone. It's very whimsical and light, but it does look a little cheap and I don't have much faith that the clasp will last very long.

  • Kelly Customer Reviews

    This was a birthday gift to my seventeen year old granddaughter. It’s definitely for a small delicate wrist, beautifully crafted. She loved it and that’s what’s important!

  • Cary Customer Reviews

    I gave this to my girlfriend as one of our monthly anniversary presents. She absolutely loves it. It looks beautiful on her! The only thing I could see people complaining about is how delicate the actual string of the necklace is. It’s very thin. But if you’re looking for an elegant gift, this is the one. Awesome!

  • Visa Customer Reviews

    Such a cute ring by itself if you like simple elegant pieces. I also stacked it with one of their other rings and it looks so cute! It’s a must have.

  • Steph Customer Reviews

    This is my third pair of earrings. I wear them all the time and they never get discolored or hurt my ears. The gold plating is done really well. I get compliments all the time!