jewelry wholesale silver name plate men’s bracelet with CZ white gold vermeil

jewelry wholesale silver name plate men’s bracelet with CZ white gold vermeil Senior high end 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry manufacturer The demand for men’s silver jewelry has gone up. These days, when the rest of the world is looking forward to save money, modern men have also played their part very well while going for the silver jewelries that are designed for the men. If you are looking for the men’s chain bracelet and custom jewelry name that you must consider our silver jewelry wholesaler. We have 20-year senior high end 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry manufacturer. Ten of thousands fashion jewelry customized production experience ,monthly production capacity up to 100000 pieces. Brazil jewelry trader custom label 1000pcs silver white gold plated CZ men's bracelet Yesterday we had received Miss Saravia 's calling, she is one of our customer from Brazil. We had know her through our website and we kept in touch for a few time and had purchased a sample bracelet before. She called for love our jewelry and got a lot of compliments and said that very nice and shiny quality! Looks much more expensive than the price. Not heavy but not lightweight either. Easy to put on. Fits my wrist and I don’t have super skinny wrists either. Very durable and sturdy. The stones don’t fall out I’ve had mine for a couple months now. I’m also wreck less, always bumping into thing, washing dishes, eating messy food, and I slept with it on for a week plus showering too. So it’s been through it." She highly recommend to her friend Alice who is the purchase manager from jewelry trader company. Later she called us for custom made carving logo label on 1000pcs 925 Sterling Silver white gold plated men's cubic zircon chain bracelet. 925 sterling silver rhodium plated CZ men's chain bracelet as below luxurious Miami Cuban link chain bracelet, featuring over 100pcs high quality cubic zirconia creating our signature micro-pave style. Accurate calculation of the angle of the multi-slice cubic zircon make the jewelry shine more and makes you stand out from the crowd wherever you go. After more than 160 processes such as carving, high temperature firing and diamond setting, Each Product takes 72 hours to complete by a senior jewelry craftsman with more than 20 years of experience. We insist that all of our products are handmade, high difficulty hand-made process ensure that our products can be precious and dazzling gift for everyone.
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