Sterling silver wholesaler create design 18k yellow gold vermeil earrings hoops

Sterling silver wholesaler create  design 18k yellow gold vermeil earrings hoops



Thomas is a owner form Germany jewelry chain store .One day we have received his email as below:

"I am currently looking for a manufacturer for customized jewelry, in particular gold filled, gold vermeil and 925 sterling sliver. May I check if you manufacture all 3 types of jewelry? May I know the MOQ for a design? Do you do made to order pieces? May I check if there is a minimum spending for first order? I may need someone to help me do the sketches for my designs, do you have that service? Are we able to get a sample of the design before we produce the design in a bigger quantity? Approximately how long will the whole process take?" After we keep communication for few weeks and we known Thomas want to custom design classic yellow gold vermeil 925 sterling silver earrings hoops for the following Women's day. He had gave his idea for us and let us do some sketches for he refer. When he received our sketches by CAD , he was very satisfied with our service and design Capability .So he had personalized made 1500pcs 18k yellow gold plated over 925 sterling silver classic earrings hoops. Also need these earrings custom engrave his own company logo and come with beautiful jewelry package boxes. We had got some good feedbacks after Thomas received the yellow gold filled 925 silver hoops. Some of his clients said that I purchased these earring because I needed some simple every day earrings I could wear with my gold colored jewelry. I have very sensitive ears so I was looking for something that wouldn’t irritate my skin. I’m able to wear these all the time, even to sleep without any issue. The earrings were a little thicker than I expected or wanted, but now that I’ve had them for a little while, I’m used to them and like them. And of course, the price is fantastic. I love these earrings, they are sturdy but also light weight, the clasp is great and I've been wearing them everyday and they still look brand new! Perfect medium sized gold hoops. Great value for money.


Sterling silver custom jewelry wholesaler offer CAD service

The 925 sterling silver gold vermeil  jewelry wholesale manufacturer has established in 1998 Guangzhou China. After 23 years of accumulation and precipitation, we have been developed into an independent design, production, sale in one, focusing on the customization of high-end fashion jewelry wholesale enterprises. Main products include bracelets, bangle, earrings, ear stud, pendants, jewelry sets and other 925 sterling silver jewelry. We an experienced design team, can accept to sample custom, also can be customized for clients, development and design. Let Your Creativity Shine With Our CAD Services .We allow jewelry online/offline stores and jewelry designers to think outside the box when it comes to creating custom jewelry series. No longer are they bound by what they can physically create by hand. Instead, a computer software program can help turn a creative and innovative design concept into reality. Jewelry designers will also find these services helpful as they can offer customers the chance to create unique, personalized pieces of jewelry ,quickly for choose ; or they can create one-of-a-kind jewelry collection with goods efficient sold at jewelry stores or jewelry online.


Fashion classic 18k yellow gold vermeil 925 silver earrings will meet your needs

These sophisticated, and feminine hoop earrings are one of the most popular in our Amazon collection. Our unique feminine hoop earrings are the perfect way to celebrate a special person in your life or celebrate yourself! The hoop earrings are made from 18k yellow gold plated 925 sterling silver. An infinity loop is centered on the hoop, elevating the piece. These hoop earrings are beautiful and will instantly elevate her jewelry wardrobe. We are serving customers and custom jewelry for over 23 years. Our collection of styles offer a touch of elegance and luxury at affordable prices. Each piece is hand-finished by jewelry artisans who have polished their craft over a lifetime, revealing the unique beauty of each piece. Our jewelry is made to the very highest standards of quality. Each of our designs is made from solid .925 sterling silver, plated with genuine platinum, 18K yellow gold. These fine metals add a lure effect and life-long tarnish-free shine that’s also nickel free and hypoallergenic, 100% safe for sensitive skin. We check each item as it leaves our workshop to ensure you’ll be pleased with the superior finish and careful detailing. Wrapped in a chic gift box and ready to give for any special occasion, this is a thoughtful, lovely present. It’s perfect for the sophisticated, fashion-minded lady in your life, be it your mom, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother, best friend – or even yourself! Do you have an important date or anniversary coming up? Celebrate it in style! This makes a meaningful, loving gift idea for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion that calls for a unique look. We are confident in the quality of all our products! We want you to be totally happy with everything you buy from our jewelry.


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